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Aquaponics handout from the Feb meeting.
bench Complete aquaponics setup.

Upcoming Events

NTWGS Meeting

March 11
Coming Out of Winter by Kevin Fuess

Dallas Zoo Project - March 29, 9 - noon

Free Aquatic Plant Potting Workshop and Pond Cleanup
at Texas Discovery Gardens- April 12

Pond Tour - June 7 - 8
Now taking applications to host your pond.

Free Aquatic Plant Potting Workshop and Pond Maintenance Project at Texas Discovery Gardens - April 12, 9am - noon

This is a hands on project that will teach you how to pot waterlilys and marginals. Proper fertilizers will be discussed as well as proper soil. Please wear your gardening clothes. If you want to get in the pond, wear shorts and water shoes.All who attend get to take home free plants.
lily potting

The NTWGS is a member in good standing of both the Texas Association of Pond Societies (TAPS) and the Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA) Tapsakca..

Problems in the Pond? Ask our resident expert, The NTWGS Pond Guy

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